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1207 E Main Street Manchester, IA 52057 563-927-8043


Hours of Operation

Monday 9 – 3

Tuesday 9 – 3

Wednesday 9 – 3

Thursday 9 – 10

Friday 9 – 3

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Can Do is a full service redemption center located in Manchester, Iowa. Hours of operation are listed above. We accept most IA. $.05 redeemable products (we do not accept products that are sold outside of our area). Cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles must be free from food, litter, insects, rodents, syringes and any other waste. We do not accept flattened or crushed items. For safety of our workers please bring in glass containers in a cardboard box. Cans and plastic bottles do not need to be separated.


We will provide you with a clean can bag each time you visit our Center. By using our bags you are reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill as we reuse and recycle our bags. Additional bags can be purchased for $.50 each. In addition to bags we sell tall cardboard can boxes for $7.00.


The Department of Natural Resources has approved Can Do Redemption Center to charge a “storage fee” for orders over 500 units in a 24-hour period. If you choose to bring in over 500 then you will be charged a $5.00 fee.


Cash is paid for orders totaling $30.00 or less. Over $30.00 a check will be written.

You may leave your order for processing or wait. If you leave your order you can either come back for your money or we can send you a check (charging $.55 for postage and processing).

Fund Raisers are a great way to raise money fast! Please call ahead to let our staff know when you are bringing it in so we are sure to have the storage available. Fund Raisers that are brought in one load are charged a $20.00 Storage Fee.

Route pick-up is available for businesses that prefer that we come to their location. Our truck and trailer travel to different communities on Monday’s and Thursdays. There is a Route fee associated with the pick-up. Please contact Angi Lawson for more information. 563-927-8043.


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Most Cans & Bottles in a Day

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